Hydrophobic/Self Clean- Wood & Stone

Wood & Stone Coating (Solvent based)

Wood & Stone range of Coatings products are nanotechnology based unique water repellent transparent coatings providing new features in your conventional products like Furniture, wooden work, construction material (Cement, concrete, Bricks) to protect them from environment. These new coatings exhibits features of Hydrophobic (Water Repellent), Stain guard , Scratch Resistant, Oil & Dirt Repellent.

This protective coating contains Nanopolymer super formula which make bonding to any absorbent surface on a molecular level form a waterproof protection layer which is not visible to the naked eye. This solvent based formulation protects all hard wood and hard or natural stones applications such as wooden garden furniture, outdoor swimming pool borders, fences or other wood and stone applications outdoors.

The coating offers the following advantages:

  • Instant and long lasting Effect (up to 18 months)
  • No Change in color, texture or breath ability of the applied surface
  • No need of skilled & trained person to apply
  • The high penetration capacity provides protection even below the surface
  • Help to maintain your article’s new look for a long time
  • Reduce cleaning time & frequency of maintenance
  • Protection against UV radiation, acid rain and pollution
  • Anti-algae, anti-fungi and anti-bacterial properties

Self-Clean Coatings ( Water Based)

This Waterbased formulation provides the same function and properties but it is more relevant for porous stones and wood treatments.

Due the combination of the water repellent and anti-green additives with other proprietary components, when this formulation is applied on surfaces, it decomposes organic & bacteria and returning it back to its original clean state! It works on photo catalytic mechanism is produced by natural factors such as sunlight, rain & wind and lasts for years.

This product is mostly used for treatments larger in scale such as patio’s, driveways etc…So, it is only available in larger quantities with prices on demand through our contact form.


  • Home & Office Wooden Furniture
  • Wooden Cupboards
  • Floor marbles
  • Cemented Floor
  • Natural Stone