Anti-corrosion coatings are suitable for all kind of metal surfaces and environments. Corrosion is the irreversible surface disintegration or corrosion of metals/alloys within specific environment. In the presence of corrosive atmosphere, metals start to deteriorate or corrode due to the chemical reactions i.e. oxidation due the surrounding environment (air/water/chemicals). Anti-corrosion is the protection or measures taken to combat the occurrence & progression of corrosion. Metal surfaces lacking any preventive measures, may become rusted both inside and out. The rate of deterioration is based on the environmental conditions and the type of metal. Anti-corrosion measures are of particular importance in environments where high humidity, mist, and salt are factors.

Some metals and alloys, such as steel, aluminium and magnesium, are widely used in maintenance and vehicles by transportation agencies, which are often at the risk of corrosion, associated economic loss. Many methods have been established to prevent or protect metals from corrosion, such as barrier protection, galvanization, and cathodic protection. But due to its simplicity & efficiency, the corrosion resistant coatings have attracted many attentions for many years.

Anti-corrosion coating refers to the nanoscopic layer on the metal surface which protects it from corroding due to moisture, salt spray, oxidation or exposure to a variety of environmental or industrial chemical. It also minimizes the considerable effort required to prepare metal surfaces for painting, especially in hard to reach areas of structures, facilities or remote routes of pipelines & bridges.

These coatings are used chiefly in chemical plants, oil refineries, public utility works, pulp and paper mills, and other facilities; in addition, anti-corrosion coatings are used to protect ships, offshore oil drilling rigs and production platforms, and other structures used in marine environments.

Advancements in nanotechnology have greatly contributed to new and improved highly effective corrosion prevention systems. Due to their advanced mechanical and physical properties, nano structured materials have been in the focus. Many researchers attempting to create advanced corrosion resistant coatings

Polymer nano composite coating can effectively combine the benefits of organic polymers (e.g., elasticity and water resistance) and advanced inorganic materials (e.g., hardness and permeability). In addition to these advantages, nanomaterials also remove the need to use components that may have negative effects on the environment.

The repair of railway cars, trucks, tanks, currently used expensive blast cleaning metal surfaces from corrosion products before painting. The use of anti-corrosive nano coatings allows you to partially or completely eliminate those costs while increasing service life of the paint.

Smart Coatings provides easy to apply transparent Nano coatings which can greatly help in reducing corrosion related issues in all kind of metals, coated metals in cost effective, easy to apply, both for household and for industrial applications.

“Anti-Rust”, a product of Reinste, is a fundamentally new approach to corrosion protection. Nano scaled silica sol and alumina sol present in it have a great ability to penetrate into the micro cracks and the pores of the metal while suppressing corrosion processes which have already started & prevents its spreading on the surface. It effectively protect the metal from an external impact by forming a layer of a strong chelating polymer component of the primer on the metal surface

Due to high percentage of dry residues, this coating does not shrink. It also possesses high thermal resistance and water resistance properties. It gives protection by chemically interacted molecules with iron oxides components and atoms of a metal lattice. It has an anti-yellowing effect and boosts the degree of gloss and leveling.

This nano coating can be applied on all metal surfaces including painted / coated / electroplated metal surfaces by hand and can make the metal surface protected for up to 5- 7 yeas from corrosion effects. The coating is transparent and also enhances the visual impact of the surface.

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