About Us

Reinste Nano Ventures is the Manufacturer, Importer, distributor; supplier of nanomaterials & superior Nanotechnology based Products. Smart coatings are the finished products manufactured and marketed by Reinste Nano Ventures Pvt Ltd. which emphasize the significance of purest Nano materials with uniform composition, free from any adulterants for class research and production purposes. In Reinste Nano ventures we ardently believe that innovation and differentiation are the fundamental components of growth and enlightenment.

With a portfolio of products catering to the needs of almost all industrial and scientific research communities in Nanotechnology sphere, we help our customers by delivering the most pertinent products with the assurance of quality. We rejoice in the fact that our products and services add values to our customers anĀ  in progression we build a priceless relationship of eminence with precision. As a leading supplier in Nano materials and products, we are introducing Smart coating solutions for our customers with advantage of New features & Results. We provide coatings applicable on all surfaces (metals. Glass, Ceramics, Steel, fabric etc)

Smart Coatings are Nanotechnology based chemical spray on all kind of surfaces such as Absorbent and Non- absorbent surfaces.

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