Thermal Insulation

Reinste Nano Ventures is the Manufacturer, Importer, distributor, supplier of superior grade Nanomaterials and high quality cost effective nanocoatings in India. These coatings are based on nanotechnology and are cost effective, easy to apply, for both household and industrial use.

Thermal insulation is blocking or reducing heat transfer between two objects. Heat may be transmitted between materials by the process of convection, conduction or radiation. Heat always flows from warmer to cooler surfaces until the temperatures of both surfaces become equal. Thermal insulation reduces the flow of heat. An insulator is a bad conductor of heat. Materials that are less dense are better insulators.  The primary function of thermal insulation is to provide protection by controlling the surface temperature.

Thermal insulation materials based on nanotechnology appeared as an efficient thermal barrier offering potential applications in areas like construction, automotive, spacecraft, mechanical systems, clothing & many more. Nanotechnology based thermal insulation materials like expanded polystyrene products including graphite powder additive, Aerogel used for insulating transparent building structures, Nanoparticle based vaccum insulation panels & Nano ceramic thermal insulation coatings are already in the market.

Liquid nanoceramic thermal insulation coatings are widely used nowadays due to their ability to operate at extreme temperatures. As it is liquid in nature it can be applied on any surface despite of their shape and structure such as buildings, roofs, pipelines, etc. It can also work efficiently on those places where “classic” thermal insulation (polyurethane foam & thermal wool) is not effective.

Construction: Thermal insulation coatings based on nanotechnology can efficiently decrease the heat transfer coefficient of building structures due to their ability to resist heat transfer by one or more ways. Thermal insulation can maintain an appropriate temperature & comfortable indoor climate in the building. The main aim of thermal insulation is to conserve energy by decreasing the heating demand in winter & reducing the transmission of solar radiation inside the building from the exterior environment.

Automotive: Gas-turbine engines used in transportation, energy, and defense sectors rely on high-temperature thermal-barrier coatings (TBCs) for improved efficiencies and power. Liquid ceramic insulation coatings can be applied to the heat sensitive components such as sensors, batteries, and starter motors enabling them to operate at relatively higher temperatures.

Mechanical Systems: Thermal Insulation nanocoatings can protect main and internal pipelines: gas and oil pipelines, insulation of heat pipelines, hot and cold water pipelines, steam lines and industrial pipelines. Liquid thermal insulation on pipe or ducts used in buildings for distributing heating and cooling systems can effectively prevents condensation on cold and chilled pipework. Liquid Insulation coatings on pipework of water supply can delay pipe freezing.

Transportation: Liquid insulation can effectively insulate wagons, locomotives of railway, aircraft, military & water transport. In shipbuilding material Nano Ceramic insulation coatings are used for thermal insulation of cabins, internal corridors of vessels, hulls.

Warehouses: Due to the application of thermal insulation coating on walls and ceiling of the warehouse, transfer of heat between inside and outside of it is restricted. This result in less quantity of energy required for maintaining the desired temperature in the warehouse. Energy saving results in reduced costs of running air conditioner and capital equipment. It also prevents thermal stress on roof due to which roof decks tend to crack.

Thermal insulation coating Therma Shield by Reinste is an ultra-thin liquid insulation nanocoating having very low coefficient of thermal conductivity.   It is composed of mixture of silicone and of ceramic microspheres which comprise a matrix that holds a mixture of polymers, plasticizers, anti-corrosion agents, flame retardants, pigments and other specific additives. Thus it not only insulates the material but also protect it from the negative effect of external factors.

Advantages of Therma Shied coating:

  • Ultra-low thermal conductivity
  • Liquid consistency
  • Ease of application
  • The ability to put on a hot surface
  • High adhesion
  • Thin layer of light weight
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Water resistance
  • Resistance to the environment sustainability and vandalism
  • Durability
  • Pleasing aesthetic view

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