Hydrophobic Stone & Wood Nanocoating

Hydrophobic nano coating provides protection to a variety of surfaces, including textiles, leathers, wood or stone. It protects all absorbent surfaces from any kind of dirt and liquids.


  • Instant and long lasting protection (up to 18 months)

    Untreated & Treated
    Untreated                &             Treated
  • No alteration of the color, texture or breathability of the treated material
  • Safe and easy to apply
  • High penetration capacity provides protection even below the surface
  • Time and frequency of cleaning are significantly reduced
  • Protection against UV radiation, acid rain and pollution preventing any change of color of the material
  • The maintenance of the surface requires less detergents or cleaning agents.


APPLICATIONS: Exterior & interior wood and stone surfaces / Wooden

patio furniture / Pool side wood and stone

AVERAGE COVERAGE/LITRE: 8 – 14 m2 per liter depending on the absorbency of the substrate

SHELF LIFE: 2 years from day of order

DURABILITY: 2-3 years protection before -decrease in intensity and reapplication is recommended

APPLICATION METHOD: Directly apply with a brush, or with a spray system (gardener pump sprayer appropriate)