Liquid Sol Nano-coating for Stone, Marbel & Tiles (Water Based)

ALWAYS DRY is a nanotechnology based product providing a high quality hydrophobic protection to variety of surfaces, including textiles, leathers, wood or stone. Always Dry actively offers protection to all absorbent surfaces against dirt and liquids of any kind.

This formulation offers following properties:

  • Hydrophobic & Oleophobic
  • Anti-static, less build-up of dust, dirt and air pollution
  • Anti-stick properties
  • High gloss & filling of micro scratches
  • Smooth finish
  •  Easy2clean
  • Extremely Durable

Always Dry Wood & Stone is solvent based impregnation agent provides protection to all hard wood and hard or natural stones applications such as wooden garden furniture, outdoor swimming pool borders, fences or other wood and stone applications outdoors. This 2-in-1 product is able to clean the surface and develop a protective layer afterwards!

Some ingredients with anti-algae, anti-fungi and anti-bacterial properties as well as UV blocking capabilities were added to the formula. These additives are insoluble in water. After a drying time of about 24 hr, the coating keeps its full protective properties for a period of 2-3 years. During this time the development of water sensitive bacteria, molds and algae (green) is inhibited, even in outdoor environments.

Always Dry wood & stones water based provides the same function and properties but is more suited for porous stones and wood treatments. This product is only available in larger quantities with prices on demand through our contact form. This product is mostly used for treatments larger in scale such as patio’s, driveways etc…


i) Easier and faster cleaning

ii) Anti-static, Anti-dust

iii) Non-adhesive (Oil & fat repellent properties)

iv) With rain or water the surface develops self-cleaning properties

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