Fire Retardant

The use of intumescent coatings plays an important role in the fire protection of structural elements. When fire starts any delay in the propagation of flames can be dangerous to human lives.  One of the purposes of fire retardant coating is to reduce the rate at which fire spreads & thereby retard it.

Most materials are not naturally resistant to the effects of fire and therefore require fire protection. Even non-combustible materials like Concrete & reinforced concrete also required fire protection because open flame with high intensity & temperature can destroy them in minutes

Similarly, steel is also non-flammable, but when exposed to flame and high temperatures, in a very short time interval, it started melting and loses its strength. Therefore, steel sections, particularly structural ones, need fire protection at all times.

Wood being one of the most combustible materials requires to be protected against fire. Wood has its own aesthetic importance; therefore, fireproof coating for wood should not only provide them protection but also enhance its aesthetic value.

Nowadays, nanotechnology is fulfilling the demand of safer structures in construction industry in various environmental conditions. The development of materials with nanoparticles are proving a less toxic alternative for people and more environmental friendly than halogenated or brominated flame retardants, widely used in the past.

Nanomaterials like SiO2, Carbon Nano Tubes & Aluminium oxide are widely used as fire retardant materials to protect the surfaces like metal, wood, plastic & cement from the impact of high temperature. When a certain temperature is exceeded, a heat-insulating carbon foam layer is created on the coated surface followed by a flame-resistant ceramic layer which protects the surface from high temperature of fire. Nanoscale interpenetrating network formed by uniformly dispersed nanoparticles can also enhance the resistance of the coating to moisture in natural weathering.

There are many fireproof coatings & paints available in market which claims to protect metal structures from high intensity & temperature of flame. But these coatings are not as effective as their claims.

Reinste Nano Ventures is the Manufacturer, Importer, distributor, supplier of nanomaterials & superior Nano fire retardant coatings in India.

Reinste provides easy to apply transparent Nano coatings which can provide fire protection to various surfaces like concrete, reinforced concrete, steel structure, wooden structures, flat roof, air ducts (vents), window aperture. Coated surfaces are cost effective, easy to apply for both house hold and for industrial applications.

Fire Proof Coating by Reinste is based on nanotechnology. It contains nanostructured particles (nanoplatelets) aluminium oxide which provides a high coating durability, strength and resistance to heat & humidity. It possesses the properties which allow it to increase in volume up to 50 times when being heated. During expanding, Fire Proof Coating forms fire-proof foam with a low heat-conductivity coefficient, which prevents reaching the flame and the temperature to the metal surface.  Fire Proof Coating can restrain flame temperature for up to 90 minutes.

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