Thermal Insulation Coating


E-Barrier Liquid Insulation is the latest generation of thermal insulation. Liquid ceramic heat insulator works different from the “classic” heaters. E-barrier – it is a paint insulation. Due to its unique properties of materials E-Barrier provide significant energy saving effect even at a thickness of 1 mm. It has a liquid consistency, they can be applied on the surface of all shapes and compositions.

Multi-Functional Coating

Nano Cool is heat insulation and energy preservation material designed for applying to a variety of surfaces.
It is specially developed to enhance energy efficiency, to meet the standard prescribed heat losses and prevent condensate formation.
It consists of ceramic and silicone microspheres which make this coating waterproof, flexible and at the same time resistant to external effects (ultraviolet, drops of temperature and humidity).
It is suitable for use both outside and inside residential and industrial buildings.

Highly Resistant to UV Radiation

  • Nano Cool is highly resistant to ultraviolet radiation, because the rich micro-sphere filling leads to its total reflection which is why it is almost insusceptible to destruction during prolonged exposure to radiative energy.
  • Due to high filler loading capacity of the polymeric material with ceramic micro-spheres filled with rarefied air, the resulting surface has low conductivity and high capacity to reflect 90% of incident rays of light and dissipate up to 95% of the infrared radiation.
  • These properties contribute to heat reduction inside buildings when using Nano Cool as thermal insulation coating for walls and protection of roof surfaces against sun radiation heating.


  • It works within a range of temperatures from -60ºС to +250ºС 
  • It can be applied on the surfaces of any forms and structures
  • Ready to use
  • Flexible, highly adhesive, resistant to impact of many chemical substances
  • Resistant to long-term dynamic loads, drops in temperature and humidity
  • Provide protection from corrosion.
  • Averts frost penetration and formation of condensate and mold.
  • No sagging when applied to vertical surfaces
  • Non Toxic & Environmental Friendly
  • Operating temperature range of coatings E-Barrier 60ºC … + 250ºC

Better then Conventional Insulators

The conventional insulation methods like rock wool or similar plus a protective layer can protect the human skin from burning at +45°C at the most

While we can easily touch the surface insulated with ultra thin coatings having temperature as high as 94.6° C without any discomfort


  • Heat power engineering and industry (boilers, pipelines, oil storage tanks, boilers, refrigeration equipment, compressors, etc.)
  • Construction and Housing (wall constructions, roof, balconies, ends monolithic plates, attic ceilings, foundations, etc.)
  • Transport (refrigerated trucks, passenger transport, railway cars, marine and river vessels, air transport, etc.)

Application Method: Painting tools – brush, roller, high pressure spray gun


Economic Cost

  • Insulated surface area =0.3 m2
  • RE-THERM consumption at a thickness of 1 mm =1 liter/m2
  • The cost of 1 liter coating RE-THERM =Rs.526
  • The coating layer applied to the surface =1.5 mm.
  • Hence material consumption to 0.3m2= equal to 0.45 liters=0.18kg
  • 1lt=0.4kg

Cost of 0.3m2 surface is Rs.237