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Durable & Highly Reliable Nano Coating

We are providing various protecting nano-coatings for automobile (Car & Body parts) Coating is a water based product containing a Siloxane that bond with the surface and develop an ultra-thin protective layer. Effect of coating maintains the high gloss/polish effect for a long period of time & makes your car look like it’s just washed and shiny for much longer than other products. After this no need for every day cleaning & washing to remove dirt.

This combination of properties produces high self-cleaning results when exposed to water or rainfall.

Product Description:

Just spray it on and give it a quick wipe!

A smooth, sparkling, water-repellent body!!

Last more than three months after washing the car, just spray it on and wipe.

New technology makes the silicone-based, water-repellent coating adhere to various materials, including the body, plastic parts, and wheels.

Specifications:  (Get me Details )

1) Unparalleled luster (3D matrix structure)

2) Absolute protection against soiling (Nano tech, hydrophobic/water-repelling, durable)

3) Incredibly long-lasting (Upto 5 year Warranty)

4) Quick and easy application can be done by anyone

Main Component: Alkoxysilane film, SiO2

Coating type: Spray-on, Nanotech, hydrophobic

Intended uses: Automobile bodies, urethane resin parts, wheels

Type: Metal, Glass/Anti UV/IR coating

Form: Liquid, Color: Light Yellow

Flash point: 16ºC, Self-igniting: 200ºC

Solubility in/Miscibility with Water: Not soluble

Coverage Area: 0.5ml-0.75 ml covers approx 1m2 of various surface

Hardness: 7H

Applied Surfaces

  • Metal body
  • Glass body
  • Headlights
  • Plastic parts
  • Wheels

Method of Application:

1. Clean the surface thoroughly

If its washable surface like glass, plastic etc. , rinse it with soap & water. If its non washable like leather, wipe away all the dirt from the surface.

2. Dry the surface

Wipe off the surface to remove water but the coating is more effective if few traces of water remain on the surface so do not dry it completely.

3. Spray

Now spray the coating over the surface. One shot for every 40 square cm is standard.

4. Wipe

Wipe the surface with microfiber towel. Repeated use will increase the smoothness & shine.

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