Water Repellent / Hydrophobic

Metal, Glass, Wood, Plastic and Fabric every material has its unique structure and properties and thus all have their own importance. Water and other external factors can damage their surface and then it’s become hard and almost impossible to save initial qualities of these materials no matter how expensive they are.

Hydrophobic or water repellent coating is a nanoscopic layer on surface that repels water. Surface coated with this type of coating remains relatively unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water under specified conditions. Hydrophobic property is the ability of some molecules to avoid water interaction. The molecule in this occasion is called hydrophobic. Hydrophobic nanotechnology gives the surface the high level of the contact angle and therefore water doesn’t spread over the surface – it forms into drops and rolls down.

Nano sized particles present in these coatings form a nano-shell which make the surface water repellant. Water or any liquid when hit to these coated surfaces can fully rebound in a form of spherical shape droplets. Nanomaterials like Silica, Manganese oxide polystyrene nano-composite, Zinc oxide polystyrene nao-composite, CNT’s etc.

Silica based Coatings are widely used nowadays due to their effectiveness and cost effectiveness as compare to other materials like oxide polystyrene. It can be easily applied either by dipping the object into it or via aerosol spray. Moreover, it does not alter the appearance or basic property of the surface.

Super hydrophobic coatings gained much acceptability in the mainstream industries. Potentially, the list of applications is impressive: waterproofing of clothes, concrete or paints, antirain windshields and window panes, materials of very low friction in water (boat or swimsuits coatings, plastics for microfluidics), etc. In marine industry these coatings can be applied on the hull of the ships to make them corrosion free and to resist the growth of fungus and other unwanted organisms. These coatings are widely used in glass manufacturing industries where they are particularly used in the windshields of the glass to prevent the droplets of water sticking to the glass and making the windshield easier to clean. Apart from that, these coatings have a wide usage in medical field, textile industry and other fields as well but the technology is not that much advanced as of yet making the development slow.

One of the companies that have developed such unique nano coatings is Reinste. Reinste Nano Ventures is the Manufacturer, Importer, distributor, supplier of nanomaterials and superior Nano water repellant coatings for all kind of surfaces. It provides easy to apply, cost-effective transperant Nano coatings for both house hold and for industrial applications. It also provide purest industrial grade super ultrafine nanomaterials.

Reinste has 4 product lines Aquapel, EverNano Dry, Germ Shield and Clean & Shield. These product lines are represented by ready to use spray on Nanocoatings for different surfaces like Glass, Metal, Ceramics, textiles & many more. All of these coatings are non-toxic & 100% Eco-friendly.

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