Nanotechnology Surface Coatings



Nanotechnology Changes the Surface Properties as Particle Size Reduces.

Nano means “small” but it does very smart functioning when it uses in technology like additives, fillers, Paints & coatings, Masterbatches etc.

The term ‘nano-coatings’ means “the coating constitutes nanomaterials/nanostructures or its thickness in the nanometer scale.

Self-healing coatings, self-cleaning coatings, super-hard nanocoatings, corrosion, tribological, nano-ceramic and nanocomposite coatings all includes their mechanical and physical properties. Nano-structuring is usually applied because of its ability to increase hydrophobicity, radiation hardness, and corrosion resistance and flexibility, its life.

Ultra-thin films and nanocoatings play a major role in many areas such as micro- and nano-electronics, machine building, car and aircraft manufacturing, robotics, etc. Nanocoatings represent the interface between the product and the environment and aesthetic aspects of goods with new kind of specific properties.

In this blog, our products include range of Nanocoatings for different applications below mentioned:





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