EVER NANO DRY

Water Based for Textiles

Easy Clean, Hydrophobic, Dust Repellent Coating For Textiles

For the coating of very absorbent textile surfaces such as carpets, floor mats, furniture and other absorbent textiles we developed an adapted water based formula. Strictly water based formula to be utilized, so that plush materials such as sofas and carpeting will absorb all of the water along with the coating attached, providing deep penetrating protection. This product is less sensitive to detergent and therefore recommended for materials or tissues which are frequently cleaned or exposed to chemical cleaning agents. In general the protection will resist to at least 20 washing cycles.

The high resistance of the product to chemical detergents makes this formula perfect for the use in areas of the service industry where cleaning and protection of fabrics (furniture, bed-linen, towels) is of great importance.



CONSUMPTION: 5 – 8 ml/m2

SHELF LIFE: 2 years from day of order

DURABILITY: The textile coating with application of heat can give protection for up to 4 years and can withhold 10 – 20 washes.

APPLICATION METHOD: Spray directly on the surface or apply by dipping

DRYING: 24 hours to dry / use heat to decrease drying times and get better results (normal ironing is appropriate also.) For Textile Curing time is 3-5 min at 120-150 degree Celsius.

APPLICATIONS: Sofas and other furniture textiles / Bed Linens / Carpets and Rugs.


  • Instant and long lasting Effect (up to 18 months)

  • No Change in color, texture or breath ability of the applied surface

  • The high penetration capacity provides protection even below the surface

  • Help to maintain your article’s new look for a long time

  • Reduce cleaning time & frequency of maintenance

  • Protection against UV radiation, acid rain and pollution

  • Anti-algae, anti-fungi and anti-bacterial properties


  • This coating is very easy to apply in different ways depending upon the fabric/surface size to be treated.

  • Coating can be spray directly on the surface or can be apply by dipping.

  • Dry for 24 hours. Use heat to decrease drying times and get better results (normal ironing is appropriate also)

  • This formulation is safe, environmentally responsible, and non-flammable when dry. They don’t leave any residues after drying & are 100% invisible, odorless and maintains the texture of the treated surface.


  • Quick and easy application can be done by anyone

  • Incredibly long-lasting (2 years)

  • Easier and faster cleaning

  • Saves cleaning time

  • Biodegradable

  • Anti-static, Anti-dust

  • Non-adhesive (Oil & fat repellent properties)

  • With rain or water the surface develops self-cleaning properties

Best Solution for Industries in services of Cleaning & Maintenance where cleaning and protection of fabrics (furniture, bedlinen, towels) is of great importance.

If you’re interested in making carpet, Bed linen, towels stain resistant, you can visit us and buy EVER NANO DRY Water Based for Textiles. With this unique formula you’ll get:

– Clean and well-groomed carpet which will beautify your living-room

– Time economy due to the long-lasting cleaning effect of our product

– Money saving because of using less detergent.

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