Easy Clean, Hydrophobic, Dust Repellent Coatings for Glass surfaces 

Nano-Cleaner for exterior & interior treatment is a unique formula that develops an ultra-thin protective layer on surface after 30-45 minutes, this layer of liquid glass is easily applied in minutes and contains the following properties:

  • Hydrophobic & Hydrophilic (less spotting)
  • Anti-static, less build-up of dust, dirt and air pollution
  • Anti-stick properties
  • High gloss & filling of micro scratches
  • Smooth finish
  • Easy to Clean
  • Extremely Durable

Application of this coating makes the glass surface smooth and glossy with a durability of months!

Areas treated with Glass-cleaner stay clean for 300% longer than regular cleaners. Furthermore, they have hydrophobic, anti-static properties.

It has been developed to remove all types of stubborn stains including fingermarks, grease, dust and most things that comes in contact with glass surface, leaving glass 100% clear &sparkling

It is easy to apply and can be applied by the user himself with minimum effort.

Treated surfaces can be cleaned with clear water and a moist cloth, without using heavy cleaning agents.

The frequency and time of cleaning are significantly reduced after a treatment with this product.


SHELF LIFE: 2 years

DURABILITY: 3-4 Months

IDEAL APPLICATIONS: Exterior & Interior windows, mirrors and other household glass surfaces, glass shower cabins & solar panels.



The surface to be coated with Glass Cleaner should be free from all dirt, oil contaminants & other impurities.


Spray the ready to use Glass Cleaner on the clean, dirt free surface. After application, rinse the surface with water.

III) Air Drying Time:

The coated surface should be left to dry for 30 minutes. Additional results if left for maximum 3 days.


  • Quick and easy application can be done by anyone
  • Easier and faster cleaning
  • Lower cleaning frequency
  • Biodegradable
  • Anti-static, anti-stain
  • Water & Oil repellent properties
  • High quality gloss