Wood & Stone

  • Applications: Protective coatings for furniture, flooring, and exterior surfaces like facades and monuments.
  • Properties: Water repellence, UV resistance, anti-fungal, and anti-stain capabilities.
  • Benefits: Enhanced durability, preserved appearance, and reduced maintenance.


  • Applications: Anti-corrosion coatings for structures, automotive parts, and machinery.
  • Properties: Rust resistance, improved hardness, anti-fouling, and self-healing properties.
  • Benefits: Extended lifespan, reduced corrosion, and lower maintenance costs.


  • Applications: Anti-fog, anti-scratch, and self-cleaning coatings for windows, mirrors, and displays.
  • Properties: Hydrophobic, anti-reflective, anti-bacterial, and UV blocking.
  • Benefits: Improved clarity, reduced cleaning frequency, and enhanced safety.


  • Applications: Protective coatings for tiles, sanitary ware, and ceramic components.
  • Properties: Scratch resistance, hydrophobicity, anti-bacterial, and easy-to-clean surfaces.
  • Benefits: Enhanced durability, hygiene improvement, and reduced cleaning efforts.

Textile & Leather

  • Applications: Stain-resistant and water-repellent coatings for clothing, upholstery, and footwear.
  • Properties: Hydrophobic, oleophobic, anti-bacterial, and UV resistance.
  • Benefits: Prolonged fabric life, improved comfort, and enhanced hygiene.

Painted Surface

  • Applications: Protective coatings for automotive paints, building exteriors, and interior walls.
  • Properties: UV resistance, anti-graffiti, self-cleaning, and scratch resistance.
  • Benefits: Maintained aesthetic appeal, reduced maintenance, and increased longevity.

Plastered Surface

  • Applications: Coatings for interior and exterior plastered walls.
  • Properties: Water repellence, anti-microbial, self-cleaning, and anti-cracking.
  • Benefits: Enhanced durability, improved hygiene, and reduced maintenance.


  • Applications: Protective coatings for electronic device casings, automotive parts, and household items.
  • Properties: Anti-scratch, anti-static, UV resistance, and improved durability.
  • Benefits: Increased lifespan, maintained appearance, and enhanced performance.