Polymer Waterproofing Coating

Nano Polymer Waterproofing is a unique polymeric composition for waterproofing of any surface. In appearance it represents a white suspension based on water, into which a tint can be added. It is applied like paint. Thickness of the finished coating is 1-1.2 mm. It has high resistance to solar radiation. It is not toxic. It is fireproof. It keeps all its service properties in a wide range of temperatures: from -60 to +100o С.

This liquid waterproofing possesses excellent adhesion, forming a thin but very solid layer with any base. Besides, the material has good vapor permeability thanks to which the treated surface remains dry and is not subject to destructive processes.


  • Ensures a long service lifetime of waterproofing
  • High-technology, composite, one-component, waterproof coating designed and suitable for applying on surfaces with the help of a brush-roller or a sprayer.
  • After application on the surface being insulated, forms a highly-efficient, strong, time-proof, scratch-resistant and weather tight.
  • Is able to reflect 80% of the visible part of the solar spectrum
  • Possesses sufficiently low thermal conductivity


Consumption: For 1.0 mm layer is 1.0 – 1.2 kg/m²

Dilution: If desired, diluted with water but not more than 5% by weight of the composition

Appearance: Continuous seamless coatings of white, tinting is possible

Recommended thickness: 2-3 layers of 1mm thickness

Durability: up to 15 years

Operating Temperature: -60oС to +100oС

Application: by brush, roller & spray gun


Nano Polymer Waterproofing  is a coating, designed and suitable for waterproofing of:

  • New roofs of the most complicated geometric forms
  • Sections where bituminous membranes are unsuitable for use because of intricacy of forms and constructions of roofs
  • Roofs having been used and now having damages of old bituminous layers, bituminous membranes,
  • Rolling materials
  • Asbestos sheeting
  • Metal roofs
  • Ceramic roofs


  • Seamlessness of a finished coating
  • Waterproofing without use of open flame and organic solvents.
  • High strength and elasticity (stretch 500%)
  • Excellent adhesion almost to all roofing materials and bases
  • Can be applied by anyone.
  • High water-resistance
  • Low-flammable material
  • Ecological cleanness
  • High weather resistance (UV radiation, drops of temperature and humidity and so on) · High speed and low manufacturing costs regarding the work on waterproofing
  • Wide range of operating temperatures.
  • Easily applicable with stiff paint brush or airless spray.