E-Barrier: Liquid Insulation


Ultra-thin Liquid insulation is the latest generation of thermal insulation. Liquid ceramic heat insulator works different from the “classic” heaters. E-barrier – it is a paint insulation. Due to its unique properties of materials E-Barrier provide significant energy saving effect even at a thickness of 1 mm. It has a liquid consistency, they can be applied on the surface of all shapes and compositions.


  • E-barrier having in its composition of acrylic and silicone, have, in addition to thermal insulation, and even waterproofing properties.
  • Flexible and at the same time robust to external influences (UV light, changes in temperature and humidity).
  • The thermal conductivity of liquid heat insulator is 10 times lower than that of the “classic” heaters.
  • No need for protection from the weather (temperature and humidity, ultraviolet radiation).
  • Operating temperature range of coatings E-Barrier 60ºC … + 250ºC

    Application: Main applications of hyperfine liquid insulation RE- the THERM is:

  • Heat power engineering and industry (boilers, pipelines, oil storage tanks, boilers, refrigeration equipment, compressors, etc.)
  • Construction and Housing (wall constructions, roof, balconies, ends monolithic plates, attic ceilings, foundations, etc.)
  • Transport (refrigerated trucks, passenger transport, railway cars, marine and river vessels, air transport, etc.)

    Application Method: Painting tools – brush, roller, high pressure spray gun