Dealer & Distributor Network

Nano Technology is now everywhere. In our consumer world, all the manufacturers are emphasizing more on Nano Coatings to ensure long life of their valuable items.We are specialized and known in the fields of anti-bacterial, anti-scratch, anti-static, anti -adhesive, moisture control, hydrophilic, anti-slip and much more to improve the quality of the end products. We also are R&D partners for multinational companies to improve their products.

WARRIORTM is a European Technology aimed for creating more value for the end customer by making everyday life & tasks easier. To Improve product range as per existing demand & need of customer, we want to spread our quality finished products for the benefit of our clients across India. In the pursuit of this endeavor, we are launching our smart coatings WARRIORTM products by setting up dealer/distributor channel across India. We have started its nationwide search to appoint distributors and targeted to set up approximately 100+ distributors in all major and mini metro cities across India.

For our dealer/distributorship, please contact us with your complete details:

Reinste Nano Ventures Pvt Ltd

 Name: Ajay Kumar, Vikas Kumar
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Mobile: 9069390028, 7206483294