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Anti Microbial Coatings have been developed to give excellent adhesion over various substrates such as wood, metal, wall and ceilings.Coatings has been developed to be both tough and highly durable, which creates a seamless finish along with antimicrobial protection.These coatings contain an active ingredients which act as fungicide/algicide to inhibit algal and fungal growth which are damaging to coatings.These coatings are environment friendly and nonhazardous in nature subject to wear and tear, heavy traffic and condensation

Unique properties of AgSterilized NanoSilver Coated fabrics:

  • Long lasting comfortable feeling with a sense of completes wellbeing 24x7
  • Durable and effective, antimicrobial clothing technologies sustains actions for 50 + industrial washes
  • Readily applicable for fabrications purposes but sterilized laundering is a challenge
  • Can be affective against 99.9% microbes affecting health of common man

Benefits include:

  • Supported by various international standards
  • Inhibits growth of MRSA and E.Coli etc and also deactivates Viruses.
  • Contains Silver Ion technology
  • Proven to actively inhibit bacterias & fungi.
  • Washable and durable

Scientifically proven

To discover the antimicrobial effect of silver, continuous research has been undertaken. Therefore, silver is the most studied antimicrobial additive known to mankind. It has been optimized for therapeutic use and potency through a number of different processes & find it suitable for many specific applications.

Easy to use

Silver nanoparticles can be integrated homogenously into all substrates as easily as usual dye pigments. Agsterilized does not contain any filler & processable at high temperatures as the stability of the nanoparticles is excellent even at temperatures above 300°C. Use of Functionalized & stable nanoparticles helps to save more than 95% of valuable compounds & its essential for management.

In most medical applications active nanosilver concentrations lie within the range of 0.01 wt% to 0.2 wt%.

What we provide to the industry:

  • Antimicrobial (15nm size) Nanosilver dispersion in aqueous media with varying concentrations in Parts per Million (ppm).


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